Retail market review

Simpler tariffs, easier choices

All energy tariffs have changed to a simpler structure and each customer will only have to choose from four per supplier. This will make it easier to compare tariffs and chose the one that is best for you.

Interactive energy bill

Our interactive energy bill helps to explain each part of an energy bill, including the new tariff information you will be seeing on bills in the coming months. Follow the orange light bulbs to see descriptions of each area. You can also download a copy of the bill, which includes explanations of each area (PDF 2MB).

Simpler, clearer, fairer

 On 31 March 2014 three new comparison tools were brought in to help make it easier for to compare energy deals:

  1.  Tariff Comparison Rate
    The new Tariff Comparison Rate (TCR), which is a bit like the APR for interest rates, will help you to compare tariff prices at a glance. The TCR is  measured in pence per kilowatt hour (p/kWh) and based on an average energy user.  
  2.  Personal Projection
    The new Personal Projection will be used to estimate what you will pay on a tariff based on your own usage or your supplier's best estimate of it. You will get a Personal Projection on your bills. It will also be used for quotes.
  3.   Tariff Information Label
      A new Tariff Information Label (TIL) will be produced for every tariff to allow customers to easily understand key facts about their tariff and compare it with others. The label will be on suppliers websites and annual summaries, and a short form on bills. Your supplier will also send you if you ask them to.

We've created an example of what the TIL will look like:

Our Retail Market Review fact sheet summarises all of the changes taking place in the energy market (PDF 800KB).

Treating Customers Fairly statement

Energy suppliers are making lots of improvements to their customer service. All suppliers have published new information on what they have done and what is in the pipeline. The links below give information on the standards to expect from each individual supplier.

More information

Find out more on the Retail Market Review at Ofgem's website.